December 14, 2021

Safety in salons today

Today, more than ever, we must pay particular attention to the topic of safety and sanitising of the places where we live and visit, such as offices, shops, beauty centres and beauty salons.
We must be responsible, in each daily action we take, even the most common, to prevent a new wave from hitting us.
For this reason, we must build a salon as 100%safe as possible, where every action is done with conscience and above all in total safety.
The first step is certainly a preliminary analysis of any spaces of potential aggregation, unmanned passages and areas at risk of assembly.
Once the situation inside the salon has been analysed, it is a good idea to think about and reorganise the physical work and aggregation spaces (any adjacent rooms dedicated to lunch breaks or relaxation for staff). In the same way, all accesses and hallways which could become crowded, should be monitored.
In general, in the salons the risk is low because regulations require an agenda of appointments to be organised preventing customers from gathering in groups. It is also important to reorganise work shifts so as not to have too many people in the space and, above all, to draw up a crisis and pandemic management plan for the salons.
Employees must have qualified training in Safety and GDPR so that they are aware of all possible risks.
Finally, for salons 100%safe from any possible health threat, the use of special devices is essential if you want to have a safe experience which complies perfectly with regulations. Protective visors and hoods are the two ideal products not only for the personal safety of the hairdresser, but also for customers. Also important are the devices that allow you to sanitize and disinfect the customer’s personal items, the air and the work tools used. The implementation of separators between wash units, in order to distance customers, closes the circle.

All rules to be observed, for a 100%safe salon future: