Values and Sustainability

In recent years, the Maletti group has decided to commit itself to improving processes and investing in technological projects oriented towards sustainability, paying the utmost attention to the future of our planet and consequently to the well-being of future generations. New ecological product lines were created in 2022, based on the use of FSC-certified wood. The certification required that the same chain of suppliers linked to the realisation of the product follow sustainable schemes, without renouncing the high quality that has always distinguished the brand.


One of the founding values of the Maletti Group is to contribute to building a sustainable future for everyone, working with commitment and dedication to reduce the environmental impact of production and work activities in general, promoting a sustainable development model.


To achieve this goal, the Research and Development department is constantly engaged in the search for materials with low environmental impact or obtained from the recovery of natural waste, with excellent technical characteristics, favouring partnerships with suppliers who share the same values in terms of eco-sustainability.

Over the years, Maletti has adopted eco-sustainability policies in the design and production area of its collections, in logistics and in the management of the premises themselves.

Design and Production

Maletti furniture combines exclusivity, comfort and functionality in an ecological vision of well-being that put the customers and partners needs first.



An entirely ecological Collection has recently been created using FSC-certified multilayer wood structures.


The wash unit structure is made of wood from environmentally sustainable forestry. The panels reproduce the effect of elm wood with oak-like grain; the finish is the result of extensive research and craftsmanship in the attention to detail.


FSC certification guarantees a sustainable supply chain, i.e., compliance with certain standards of environmental, social and economic sustainability throughout the entire supply chain, starting from the manufacturer, followed by the distributor, and ending with Maletti’s direct supplier.

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The brand is constantly searching for new eco-sustainable materials. We currently use Skay Evida, a special eco-friendly fabric made from 80% recyclable and natural material.


Maletti’s patented systems, such as the very recent new aerator breaker, are designed to guarantee significant water savings, reducing water consumption from 30% to 70% with each wash, i.e. a saving of approximately 7 litres/minute.


In wash unit production, the use of plastic has been reduced and replaced by wooden frames.


Energy savings are ensured by the LED backlighting systems integrated in the mirrors and the innovative low-power control units of the headrest washers, which ensure less overheating of the environment.


In 2023, new armchairs were designed using rigid polyurethane, which makes it possible to eliminate the internal steel structure, as well as making them lighter.


Thanks to this new structure, disposal costs are reduced because the iron frame of the armchair no longer has to be separated from the soft polyurethane, and the chair can be disposed of in its entirety.


To be:

As part of the strategic activities planned for Maletti, we aim to open new production facilities that will allow us to manufacture chairs with innovative foaming technology.

Logistics and Venue management


The company’s fleet policy includes the use of hybrid and electric vehicles, supporting the reduction of CO2 emissions. This choice is part of the strategic roadmap for which the group is committed to continuous improvement of production and internal processes in general, to help mitigate the effects of climate change and promote sustainable and responsible economic development.


Maletti’s investments are oriented towards the digitisation of both internal and front-office processes, with the aim of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of activities and relations with customers and suppliers. Current initiatives include the use of environmentally friendly toners for printers and the reduction of print volume to a maximum.


Separate waste collection is also carried out within the Maletti premises.


During 2023, a photovoltaic system is planned to be installed in the group headquarters, generating clean energy, and reducing the dependence on traditional energy sources, thus improving the energy autonomy of the headquarters.

Work with us

Work with us

For over 85 years, Maletti has been a reference brand in the hairdressing salon furniture market. With a global presence in 108 countries and an extensive network of certified partners, Maletti is the undisputed leader in the sector.


Join our Team and discover how you can contribute to the growth of a company that has been driving innovation and design in its sector for many years. Together with us you will raise excellence to new levels.