Watchword? Sterilization

Sterilize, sterilize, sterilize.
If before, in salons and beauty centers, it was a daily action to be carried out with a certain care and attention, today it has become almost a mantra to be repeated over and over again.

Vision: the innovative shield that protects

The face, like the hands, is one of the human body parts most exposed to the risks of the outside world. For this reason, above all in this particular period, we must be careful to protect ourselves and other people with devices that isolate the face from viruses and bacteria.

UVC-Totem: the device that sanitizes

We have been hearing about sanitization, disinfection and hygiene for months. The different words do not have the same meaning but they have a common aim: to make a place completely safe from the presence of viruses and bacteria that can damage our health.

Safety in salons today

Today, more than ever, we are called upon to pay special attention to the issue of safety and cleanliness in the places we live and frequent, such as offices, shops, beauty centres and salons.