December 21, 2021

Vision: the innovative shield that protects

The face, like the hands, is one of the human body parts most exposed to the risks of the outside world. For this reason, above all in this particular period, we must be careful to protect ourselves and other people with devices that isolate the face from viruses and bacteria.
Face masks have now become part of us and an indispensable tool to avoid any bacteriological threat.
Even inside salons and beauty centres it is important that the customer and the operator are safe, avoiding any contact.
Maletti has therefore designed Vision, the innovative backpack visor for the hairdresser of the 100%safe salonfuture.

It is made of ultra clear transparent PETG, a plastic material that guarantees excellent optical quality to the operator as well as the possibility of being sanitized.
Different characteristics that make it the ideal solution to start up again in safety: it is anti sweat because it doesn’t rest directly on the face, it is hypoallergenic, non- toxic and has an excellent resistance to impact.
The innovative shield design combines with the revolutionary system of use, through the backpack attachment that allows full freedom of movement for the operator.
No hindrance thanks to the shoulder strap that allows the device to be hooked to the operator’s bust, leaving him/her free to move and work without problems.
A real barrier that protects and separate the operator from the customer, with 100% guaranteed safety.

Choose it, to protect yourselves and the others.

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