Lady Lion

Lady Lion

Wash unit combinable with the steam system

The apparently light structure of the Lady Lion headrest conceals a mix of robust and high-quality materials.

Lady Lion




101 cm 60 cm 130 cm


One-piece embossed plastic base, available in grey or black.
Tipping white enamelled ceramic basin with hydraulic unit.
Siphon with hair filter.
Accepts the Lioness chair with tilt compatible with the wash unit itself.
Optional leg lift


Skay synthetic leather upholstery

Available models

lady lion 4627

fix 4627

Upholstery available for Lady Lion

Rivestimento SKAY Madam (scelta ristretta)

008 C
173 C
535 B
563 C
575 B
585 C
830 B
918 C
921 C
927 C
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