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Grimhilde Slim Wall

Collection: Bohème collection

Essentiality and elegance of form in a minimal thickness.


180 cm 10 cm 101 cm


The Grimhilde Slim mirror from the Bohème collection is the ideal choice for hairdressers seeking a high-quality, design product for their salon. Thanks to its essential and elegant shape, with a reduced thickness, the Grimhilde Slim perfectly adapts to any environment, providing a touch of elegance and refinement. Its dimensions of 180 cm x 5 cm x 101 cm make it ideal for placement in any corner of the salon, offering maximum functionality and comfort for both the client and the hairdresser.

The Grimhilde Plus version of the mirror is equipped with support for hairdressing accessories, making it perfect for placing tools and products necessary during hair styling operations. Additionally, its frosted and backlit mirror with LED lighting ensures perfect visibility and uniform illumination, ideal for creating impeccable hairstyles. The Grimhilde Slim is also available with a top crown only upon request, to meet every furnishing need of the salon.

The Bohème Collection, inspired by classic design, is characterized above all by its versatility, which allows each furnishing element to be adapted to the specific needs of the salon. The work chairs, for example, have three different seats that can be freely combined, while the washing station chairs, inspired by classics such as Bergère and Carrosse chairs, are characterized by three different combinable proposals. Even for the hairdresser shelves and work tables, multiple codes have been included in the collection, allowing the designer to adapt the stations to the available space.

The Grimhilde Slim represents a high-quality and design product, ideal for every salon furnishing style. Choosing the Grimhilde Slim means offering your clients a unique and exclusive beauty and comfort experience.


Gloss painted structural polyurethane frame.
Painted metal inner frame.
Backlit rear-sanded mirror.
Led lighting. Upper crown only on request


Grimhilde slim wall p5050

Elisa Gargan Giovannoni

Elisa Gargan Giovannoni

Born in Pordenone, industrial and interior designer, Stefano’s partner and wife, collaborates as a designer with Giovannoni Design and other companies including Alessi, Magis, Millefiori, Bisazza,VenetaCucine, Bertazzoni, Marzorati&Ronchetti, Viceversa. Winner of numerous prizes and competitions, she runs courses at the Domus Academy and the Polytechnic School of Design