Noa Reception

Collection: Sarah collection

Elegant and sophisticated, Noa Reception will bring luxury, functionality, and style to any reception area in your salon. The modular structure is suitable for both small and large shops.


110,5 cm 51 cm 228 cm

singole unit:

NOA BIG 110 CM 51 CM  86 CM

NOA SMALL 79,5 cm 51 cm  71 cm
NOA HANDY 79,5 CM 51 CM  71 CM (module designed to facilitate access to the checkout for people with impaired mobility)

Basic configuration

Melamine internal structure and back case, in matt black colour, water resistant.
Side and front frame in curved wood, painted in matt black lacquer.
Smoke mirrored glass front panel. Black glass protective top.

Available models

Noa small 52361
Noa handy 5235
Noa big 5234

Sarah Lavoine

Sarah Lavoine

Sarah Lavoine created her interior design studio in 2002. From the outset, her clients recognized her innate talent and ability to transform spaces. Working on a wide variety of projects, from private homes (houses, lofts, apartments), to public spaces (hotels and restaurants), she quickly forged strong convictions about the use of space, light, and color. Her signature style also incorporates a mixing of styles and origins, elegance and comfort, it is the embodiment of a cosmopolitan Parisian spirit.