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Noa wash unit

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The wash unit Noa was born from an idea of balance between the elements that compose it. The result is a sinuous, refined line, characterized by thin thicknesses and strong lines.


98,4 cm 122,3-158,1 cm 74 cm

Basic configuration

Tilting ceramic basin white or brillant black.
Electrical foorest. Chair structure with veneer plywood with polyurethane foam inserts and metal inserts.
Inspectable seat for cleaning and maintenance.


Upholestery in skay C only, piping ton sur ton (same colour).

Available models

44952 Noa Air Massage
44952PL Noa Air Massage (Bicolor/Piping)
44942 NOA Comfort
44942PL Noa Comfort (Bicolor/Piping)
44933 Noa Fix c piping ton sur ton
44944 Noa Comfort piping ton sur ton
44954 Noa Air c piping ton sur ton
44944PL Noa Comfort piping all color
44954PL Noa Air piping all color

Upholstery type

Rivestimenti SKAY 2023/2024

001 C
008 C
122 C
130 A
150 C
173 C
455 A
508 B
535 B
537 A
540 B
542 B
543 B
550 C
561KE B
563 C
566 A
568 A
569 A
571 A
573 A
574 B
575 B
577 A
584 B
585 B
705 C
715 C
727 C
741 A
828 B
830 B
831 A
840 A
859 C
864 C
868 A
887 A
918 C
921 C
927 c
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Sarah Lavoine

Sarah Lavoine

Sarah Lavoine created her interior design studio in 2002. From the outset, her clients recognized her innate talent and ability to transform spaces. Working on a wide variety of projects, from private homes (houses, lofts, apartments), to public spaces (hotels and restaurants), she quickly forged strong convictions about the use of space, light, and color. Her signature style also incorporates a mixing of styles and origins, elegance and comfort, it is the embodiment of a cosmopolitan Parisian spirit.