April 8, 2024

Maletti wins Credit Reputation Award 2023

In the scene of Italian companies, few have excelled like Maletti, an undisputed leader in the production of hair salon furniture for more than 85 years. And the recent conferral of the Credit Reputation Award, based on data from the Bank of Italy’s Central Risk Institute, is tangible confirmation of this.

The award was given to Maletti as a Top enterprise for its exceptional punctuality in meeting its commitments to the banking system, a recognition that was awarded with the highest score. This is not the first time the company has distinguished itself in this category. In 2022 Maletti again made the podium by demonstrating consistent commitment and impeccable financial management.

The financial strength of a company like Maletti not only ensures its continuity and prosperity, but also contributes to the sustainability of the entire country system.

The Credit Reputation Award represents not only an achievement for Maletti, but also an incentive to continue along the path of excellence it has undertaken.

Looking ahead, the company is committed to maintaining high standards of financial management and pursuing its mission of offering superior products and services.

In conclusion, Maletti’s success at the 2023 Credit Reputation Award is a source of pride for the company itself, but also a source of confidence for all those who rely on it, confirming the central role it plays in the economic and social fabric of our country.