Modern collection Philippe Starck

In 1989 Philippe Starck was conceiving the first signed collection of professional furniture for hairdressers. From this historical date onward, the way to conceive Beauty Design has drastically changed. These are no longer simple chairs or work units, but contemporary works of art: elements of a system whereby the single item possesses its own life dimension, giving the saloon its own primary vocation, that is to say a meeting point between Creative Artist and his Client.

“No longer simple chairs or work units, but contemporary works of art.”

Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck

Described as the only designer to have reached the “status of a rockstar”, Philippe Starck is an equally praised and criticised genius. Modern though distrustful of progress, cautiously “self promoting” but contemptuous of the press, Starck has built an empire of design on fertile, contradictory foundations. Indeed, Starck’s design crosses different genres and challenges any traditional classification: from chic New York hotels to toothbrushes. According to Starck, the creation of beautiful objectsand structures is only a potential by-product of his highest mission, that of creating a honest, “loving” and user-respectful design.