December 14, 2021

UVC-Totem: the device that sanitizes

We have been hearing about sanitization, disinfection and hygiene for months. The different words do not have the same meaning but they have a common aim: to make a place completely safe from the presence of viruses and bacteria that can damage our health.
Sanitization, in particular, is a targeted process that allows you to thoroughly eliminate any type of external agent, an operation that is not possible with ordinary cleaning.
Maletti Group has therefore designed UVC-Totem, Design Giovannoni, in collaboration with the Department of Experimental Medicine of the University of Perugia.
The innovative, energy-efficient, 100%safe salon future device makes it possible to thoroughly sanitize any type of environment: hairdressing salons, beauty centres, spas, hotels, and also ordinary places such as bars and restaurants or homes.
100% Made in Italy, it sanitizes in a continuous cycle throughout the day, and not just at the beginning, thus allowing the creation of a healthy place where you can carry out different activities.

It works in a simple and immediate way, without the need for maintenance: the sucked air first passes through a small opening that purifies it from the coarsest agents. The UV-C technology ends the cleaning activity by destroying the DNA and inhibiting the reproduction and proliferation of harmful agents.
The healthy, clean air produced is finally released into the outside via another opening.
The main advantage of UVC-Totem is that it is totally Ozone free, i.e. it does not produce ozone, thus guaranteeing sanitization of the environment with total respect for personal health. Finally, it is customizable in skay or wood and it adapts with maximum flexibility to all types of environment, moving it when necessary or hanging it on the wall.

For details and technical characteristics of our UVC-Totem 100% safe salonfuture, visit the dedicated section of the website: