Vapomist 2.0

Technology for wash units

Vapomist 2.0, patented by Maletti, allows cold and hot vaporization treatments to reactivate the microcirculation, promoting hair growth.

The Vapomist 2.0 system can be installed on all Maletti washes units without changing basin and connecting it to the hydraulic system.


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Maletti Creative Team


63 cm 18 cm 44 cm


Transforms your Maletti wash unit into a steam treatment station: a service that offers great benefits to your customers’ scalp

Available models

vapomist trolley 2.0 60882

Vapomist 2.0 with eden

Salons made with Vapomist 2.0

Nuccia parrucchieri
Italy (2021)

The designers of the collection:
Maletti Creative Team