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Heaven with Shirodara treatment

11 years after the first project, Maletti Group presents the new Shirodara treatment device, born from an in-depth analysis of the techniques of this treatment, combined with the most modern medical-anatomical studies.

The Maletti Group has designed a waterfall device, i.e. an arched-shaped nozzle which releases a constant flow of lukewarm water onto the forehead, stimulating the Third Eye, one of the Chakras according to the principles of Shirodara. The arc is adjustable to ensure precise positioning and complete comfort for the client.


The initial phase of the treatment has been perfected by integrating the water cascade into a dedicated Igloo, thus enabling the client to enjoy an aroma-enriched steam bath generated by the Vapomist system.

The new patented adjustable neck rest is developed with industry specialists and promotes total muscle relaxation for the client, ensuring perfect alignment of the vertebrae and correct posture in the supine position.

Compatible with Alu Wash, Lord Nelson, Eden, Noa.


Shirodara: 63 cm 57 cm 32 cm

Heaven wash unit closed: 164 cm 78 cm 94 cm

Heaven wash unit opened: 210 cm 78 cm 110 cm


Shirodara cod. 6084/109303

Heaven wash unit cod. 4675