Green Star Class

Green Star Class

Wash unit that can be combined with the steam system

Wash unit for hair salons Green Star Class for washing the hair using the European method (client sitting) or the Japanese Shiatsu method (client lying down).

Green Star Class


Giovannoni Design


Green first


97 cm  126-183 cm  73 cm


Professional wash unit, internal frame in galvanised structural metal. External frame in varnished wood veneered plywood, painted cast aluminium plinth.
Automated leg lift system. Integrated push button panel.
Tipping black or white enamelled ceramic basin.
Lever mixer tap anti drop, air massage. Patented system.
Air massage system.  Trap with hair strainer filter


Vinyl upholstery in skay

Available models

Green Star Class Air P45772
Green Star Class Comfort P457752 Without massage


Upholstery available for Green Star Class

Rivestimento SKAY 2022

001 C
008 C
122 C
129 A
130 A
150 C
173 C
455 A
456 A
508 b
535 B
536 B
537 A
538 B
540 B
541 B
542 B
543 B
550 C
553 B
561 A
563 C
566 A
568 A
569 A
571 A
572 C
573 A
574 B
575 B
577 A
578 A
579 A
580 A
584 B
585 B
705 C
715 C
727 C
741 A
828 B
830 B
831 A
840 A
859 C
864 C
868 A
887 A
918 C
921 C
927 c
935 A
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Elisa Gargan Giovannoni

Born in Pordenone, industrial and interior designer, Stefano’s partner and wife, collaborates as a designer with Giovannoni Design and other companies including Alessi, Magis, Millefiori, Bisazza,VenetaCucine, Bertazzoni, Marzorati&Ronchetti, Viceversa. Winner of numerous prizes and competitions, she runs courses at the Domus Academy and the Polytechnic School of Design