Manhattan eco

Collection: A little talk collection

Service trolley with wood-panelled sides.

An indispensable element in the economy of an eco-friendly salon.


86,5 cm 43 cm 35 cm


Light grey metal frame.
5 drawers.
Polyurethane wheels.


Manhattan Eco White cod. MANHATTANECOBI

Manhattan Eco Black cod. MANHATTANECONE

Didier Gomez

Didier Gomez

Didier Gomez has designed a resolutely modern but equally glamorous and sexy collection for Maletti. A zen and ultra sophisticated ambience. His design catches the eye and soul. It’s pure and essential, soft and cosy: it puts everybody at ease. Gomez materials, usually cold and stiff, here curve, get warm, are moulded by a skilful designer that enhances them and brings their deeper qualities to light. His design is neutral, with no forced stylistic interpretation and formal excesses.