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The new central styling unit has a design inspired by the window decorations of Venetian palaces, a four-petalled rosette.

On the front of the mirror is a new-generation LED light that softly follows the design.

As with the Venetian floor tiles, the polished concrete base is enriched with contrasting stones that make the mirror resistant and self-supporting; it can also be used as a footrest, and four electrical sockets are recessed into the sides.

With a design that oscillates between classicism and innovation, this new Maletti proposal characterises any environment.


Elisa Gargan Giovannoni

Born in Pordenone, industrial and interior designer, Stefano’s partner and wife, collaborates as a designer with Giovannoni Design and other companies including Alessi, Magis, Millefiori, Bisazza,VenetaCucine, Bertazzoni, Marzorati&Ronchetti, Viceversa. Winner of numerous prizes and competitions, she runs courses at the Domus Academy and the Polytechnic School of Design