Angelina Rec

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Angelina Rec is the styling chair that combines the best of modern style with high quality materials, completely made in Italy


83-94 cm 70 cm 70 cm


Polyurethane foam frame with metal insert and polished aluminium armrests. Footrest (optional)


Vinyl upholstery Skay.

Optional protective PVC cover

Available models


Upholstery type

Rivestimenti SKAY 2023/2024

001 C
008 C
122 C
130 A
150 C
173 C
455 A
508 B
535 B
537 A
540 B
542 B
543 B
550 C
561KE B
563 C
566 A
568 A
569 A
571 A
573 A
574 B
575 B
577 A
578 A
584 B
585 B
705 C
715 C
727 C
741 A
828 B
830 B
831 A
840 A
859 C
864 C
868 A
887 A
918 C
921 C
927 c
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Matta and Varaschin

Matta and Varaschin collection

They define themselves as stranger to crazes, conscious of the past, curious of the present. Their design is discerning, non-invasive, rather, it embraces environments. They use pure materials, like glass that sublimates the transparency of objects, together with technological materials such as aluminium which enhances its brightness. Their research is above all oriented to the relationship among object, quality and function in which design is the essential link.