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Steamoon is the result of the inventiveness and originality of the Maletti creative team. It represents a real revolution in the world of shaving, thanks to its advanced technology that offers an unparalleled shaving experience.

Its main benefits are moisturizing the beard, detoxifying and opening the skin pores.


The Steamoon beard steam system features a scratch-resistant metal frame equipped with swivel wheels, allowing the device to be positioned correctly during treatment and moved around the salon.
The full-touch control board offers an intuitive interface for manually or automatically adjusting steam intensity as required.
The steam diffusion mask is equipped with a condensate collection system and a three-axis joint that allows precise adaptation to the position of the client’s face.
In addition, the reservoir cap is designed with a dedicated aroma housing, which allows for a personalised and pleasant customer experience.


96 cm 41 cm 35 cm


Steamoon Cod. 6118