Dezember 21, 2021

Tudor: her majesty the separator

Tudor represents another revolution designed for the new 100%safe salon future, the hairdressers salon of the future.
Inspired by Elizabeth I, who, in paintings, was always depicted wearing her ample lace ruffs that isolated her face, Tudor, created in collaboration with Giovannoni Design, is the separator par excellence that separates the wash units in the washing area.
In this area of the salon the extreme proximity of wash units and the distance between customers could be a safety issue. For this reason, Maletti has designed Tudor, which, when applied to wash units, creates separation, making washing time safe, without the need to reduce the number of seats occupied at the same time.

A simple and functional device that allows to create both protective insulation, separating customers, both soundproofing between the different washing stations.
The product is available in different materials: neutral or coloured plexiglass, in skay or in wood/laminate, choosing from Maletti’s range. It can be custom made, after a survey at the salon, according to the dimensions and colour of the wash unit.
Tudor: a design choice for a safe salon.

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