Dezembro 21, 2021

Kubetto: the sanitizing platform of the future

Protecting customers and operators is already essential from the very the first area of the salon or beauty centre, i.e. the entrance.
This is the first point of contact between the customer, coming from outside, and the salon staff.
There are several procedures that must be followed in this first area: first of all, the monitoring of body temperature. In addition, it is also fundamental to sanitize the personal belongings of the customer in order to clean them from any bacteria or damaging substances.

In the 100% safe salonf uture, to welcome the clientele, we find Kubetto, the sanitizing platform of the future.

This device, with small dimensions but high performances, rapidly sanitizes the soles of shoes without wetting them.
The process takes only 15 seconds, through the atomization of liquid disinfectant, contained in a tank with a capacity of 2 litres that can be easily recharged by the operator.
Kubetto is equipped with LED lighting and is automatically activated by a pressure sensor, supporting up to a maximum of 150 kg.

A small device, for a first 100%safe impact.

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