Wash unit that can be combined with the steam system

Wash unit with minimal footprint thanks to the reduced wheelbase of 65 cm. Self-supporting structure and new generation aluminum rear casing with product holder.
Hand shower with aerator for guaranteed savings of water 6/7 liters per minute against 11/12 liters of standard mixers.

Drain set back by 25 cm to facilitate existing connections, without bends, facilitating the flow of water.
Inspectable wash unit: Lazzaro can be inspected inspected by completely lifting the seat, essential for cleaning and maintenance.

40 diameter drain pipe with smooth interior to avoid residues inside the ceramic.



maletti creative team






• SEAT WITH FLIP UP SYSTEM to facilitate maintenance of the mechanisms inside the wash unit. Patent Maletti

• More comfortable and ERGONOMIC SEAT

• NEW GENERATION aluminum rear casing with product holder

THE INTERNAL FRAME is in steel painted with eco-sustainable substances. 

• LARGE BASIN; ergonomically designed
to have a large work space with dye bowl support and equipped with a hair strainer filter



Vinyl upholstery in skay

Available models

Without Footrest


Electric Footrest


Electric Footrest and Air Massage




Upholstery available for Gondola

Rivestimento SKAY 2022

001 C
008 C
122 C
129 A
130 A
150 C
173 C
455 A
456 A
508 b
535 B
536 B
537 A
538 B
540 B
541 B
542 B
543 B
550 C
553 B
561 A
563 C
566 A
568 A
569 A
571 A
572 C
573 A
574 B
575 B
577 A
578 A
579 A
580 A
584 B
585 B
705 C
715 C
727 C
741 A
828 B
830 B
831 A
840 A
859 C
864 C
868 A
887 A
918 C
921 C
927 c
935 A
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Elisa Gargan Giovannoni

Born in Pordenone, industrial and interior designer, Stefano’s partner and wife, collaborates as a designer with Giovannoni Design and other companies including Alessi, Magis, Millefiori, Bisazza,VenetaCucine, Bertazzoni, Marzorati&Ronchetti, Viceversa. Winner of numerous prizes and competitions, she runs courses at the Domus Academy and the Polytechnic School of Design