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Presence Paris
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The Maletti Group company that produces the collections "signed by great designers is Presence Paris.

Presence Paris today has 4 complete collections designed in different periods by the most famous contemporary designer, Philippe Starck and an evergreen collection of hair salon furnishings designed by one of the key figures of minimalism, Claudio Silvestrin.

But the list of designers does not end here.
Maletti recently developed the first three ranges of hair salon furniture with low environmental impact. Two lines - Green First®  and Alu Green® -  were designed by Giovannoni Design, while the third – Eco Fun® - is by Christophe Pillet.

Choosing to appoint one of the most famous designers on the international scene to design these three ranges, Maletti aims to express the strength of its own philosophy and tradition which, even in a time which strongly embraces criteria of environmentally sustainable production, continues to be inspired by the values of beauty, design and style which have always underlined their products and confirmed their global success.

Very different styles, and very important names in international design, names usually seen alongside the greatest brands in the style industry, which with Maletti have also entered the hair salon and well-being centre world, creating a veritable costume revolution that has not only transformed the profession of the hair stylist, but also the pleasure of the time we all spend in salons.

Presence Paris - Collections

The Presence Paris hair salon ranges include some now historical pieces (Modern Collection and Classic Collection) by Philippe Starck which, under the Maletti Group brand Presence Paris, have revolutionised the concept of the salon and created the "top" segment in salon furnishings. In addition to Starck there is also a range dedicated to the “I Tagli” collection by Claudio Silvestrin, the architect known as one of the key figures of minimalism and a collaborator with names including Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein.

Based on an eco-sustainable concept, Christophe Pillet and Giovannoni Design have brilliantly reinterpreted the idea of a salon in an innovative and at times even playful manner. Three ranges with different spirits, materials and price brackets that share the use of eco-sustainable materials and their great design contents.

Maletti has been researching for more than two years into materials with low environmental impact, developing partnerships with companies which occupy world leadership positions in their respective sectors, above all in terms of eco-sustainable research. The result is a set of materials used in the construction of these three ranges which drastically reduce the environmental impact of hair salon furniture.

The furniture is padded with BIOH®, a new material composed 2/3 of soya seeds and 1/3 other components.

Covers are made from a new type of eco-leather which is produced using just 19% of petrol, the remaining 81%  consisting of natural materials (32%) and recyclable products (49%) . The plastifiers are made from natural seed oils. The textiles products are made from natural fibres without the use of heavy metals in the pigments or stabilisation process.
Covers may also be made from tumblered linen. The linen comes from zero mileage organic crops and is waterproofed using a tumber process which makes it waterproof and friction-resistant. A thin PVC film is applied to the linen using a special beating process, similar to the percussion of a drum. This tumblering process leads to the use of only a minimal amount of PVC. The tumblered linen is a Maletti Group exclusive for hair salon furniture.

The feet are made entirely of recycled aluminium. The wood used in the frame comes from zero mileage forestry. It is bent without the use of glues, painted with certified, biodegradable eco-sustainable paint. A Maletti exclusive for hair salon furniture.

The shower head is fitted with a special ventilation system offers up to 30% water savings.

The eco lines
  • Green First Collection: created by designers Elisa and Stefano Giovannoni, made entirely from zero mileage forestry, recycled aluminium and natural, biodegradable covers.
  • Alu Green Collection: also designed by Elisa and Stefano Giovannoni, made entirely from recycled and/or recyclable zero mileage materials, this range has sinuous, embracing forms, is extremely versatile and dynamic thanks to the modular fibreglass wash unit modules.
  • Eco Fun: designed by designer Christophe Pillet, this line is inspired by simplicity and lightness, in both its forms and its fully recycled materials.

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