hair salon furniture collections, hairdresser shop personalized, hair spa furniture style, easyline

hair salon furniture collections, hairdresser shop personalized, hair spa furniture style, italian furniture manufacturer company, easyline


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Easy, a simple word that encompasses a world of possibilities. Just like the EasyLine products: versatile, functional and easy to combine according to one’s tastes and décor requirements. A complete line, with a wide range of products, that combine technological and functional features with high flexibility.

It is easy to create your own ideal salon environment, because with EasyLine products, spaces are designed
and constructed according to the colour range, the lines, forms and details of the finish.

Three different design-styles, Black, Brown and White, that portray different worlds using an infinity of possible
locations. Environments that are warm or more enhanced, classic and elegant create work spaces combining style and atmosphere with the convenience and easiness of matching for décor, both personalized and
of character.

Easy Line Collection:

Black Collection

With a strong character and personality, Black Design is the expression of 3 different styles, Avant Garde Glamour, Total Black, the common denominator being the strong colours, like black, and the luminosity of
the crystal and well-defined shapes and lines. Elegance, but also courage and great visual impact, for a versatile, customisable design with a high technological content and excellent quality.
  • AVANT GARDE: Looking forward, thinking outside the box, these are the concepts that inspire the Avant Gard style. Contrasting materials, incisive crystal combined with the material of  covering, creating a visual short-circuit that captures the eye with its exclusive, elegant appeal: a salon that wants to be noticed.

  • GLAMOUR: The Glamour style charms and amazes, like fashion, and speaks for itself: it is  the expression of the most current trends which play on unusual colour combinations like white, cyclamen pink and black, and dare with combinations of different materials like  transparent glass, shiny metal and coloured plastic to create a trendy yet highly flexible and versatile style.

  • TOTAL BLACK The predominance of black, linear forms enriched by glossy black painted surfaces to create an elegant setting with a charming, sophisticated atmosphere for a salon with a strong personality.

Brown Collection

Harmony and balance, in both colour and shape, soft lines which blend into stronger forms, Brown Design creates warm, welcoming environments. 3 styles, Classic, Fusion, Essential, suggesting lots of different salon spaces, integrated with different decorations and styling elements. Flexibility and plenty of room for creativity, for a totally customised salon right down to the last detail.
  • ESSENTIAL: Balance of the elements, harmonious details, simplicity, understood as rich style and elegance. Sober lines, strong, sculpted shapes, draw a contemporary yet not austere atmosphere that expresses perfectly balanced emotions.

  • CLASSIC: Material, tactile, a style which is “felt”, welcoming with its soft, embracing lines. Warm, reassuring colours, in beige, dove, grey and brown, and the use of natural wood to create an extremely comfortable, elegant and sophisticated environment.

  • FUSION: The byword is fusion. A balanced mix of details, decorative elements and forms each from different styles. An unusual, new and integrated way of reading furniture, mixing classic and contemporary to create a salon with its very own distinctive personality, not a “prisoner” of a pre-set style but open to new styles and with no excesses.

White design

Essential luminosity, as well as bright colours, to create different styles, all marked by innovation and comfort. Contemporary, flexible design, open also to the brightness of colour, the concrete expression of three different worlds (Minimal, Hi-Tech and Young) to create a functional, modern salon.
  • MINIMAL: The simplicity of light, used in a clever and highly expressive manner. Minimal  understood as the creation of an essential atmosphere with “clean”, well-defined lines which underline the luminosity of the transparent, white and grey glass combined with materials such as steel for a salon that is minimal only in style.

  • HI-TECH: Innovation steals the scene: in shape, colour, the contemporary nature of the materials used. Technology and innovation lie also in the comfort of the furnishings, to create a salon inspired by the world of technology.

  • YOUNG: Originality, bright colours, a lively, fresh style. Orange, fuchsia, violet, a wide range of colours to let you totally customise your salon. An atmosphere rich in visual and sensorial stimuli, instantly transmitting energy and brightness.

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